About Us

SunRay Scientific is a global technology company providing breakthrough conductive adhesives for complex applications.

Sunray Scientific offers custom engineered interconnect solutions for advanced electronic packages. SunRay’s patented ZTACH® ACE electronically conductive systems deliver cost effective miniaturization utilizing existing manufacturing infrastructure. New generation customized conductive inks and epoxies address challenges of silver migration to allow for finer printing of printed electronics. The development of SunRay’s interconnect technology has continued to evolve to the nano-level since its’ inception in the 1990’s.
  • 20 years expertise in creating custom formulas for various industries
  • Expertise in the X-Ray imaging, Flexible-wearables & Electronics Micro-assembly arenas
  • Proven applications in the Medical (Bone Density Meters and Hand Held X-ray Devices), LED Lighting and Defense areas
  • Established R&D and testing facilities
  • Experienced core team of Material Scientists, Chemical, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
  • Large-scale manufacturing capabilities

Application & Material Development

SunRay Scientific custom designs a complete solution of conductive inks and epoxies as well as novel Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive formulations called ZTACH® ACE. Not only is the formulation custom designed based on our customer’s requirements, we also custom design and build a magnet pallet system that is easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes.